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Gogus Gold is a company that manufactures first class exclusive jewellery, and send them to any point in the World. There are many categories in our production line;

rings, bangles, earrings, piercings etc.

AW Collection



Thin Line Between Geometry and Minimalism

Rings, earrings, bangles with space quality perfect manufactured geometrical parts.

New Classic

Classical Designs for New Agers

Take designs you know from past, divide it half and shine a lot. There it is your New Classics.


Endless Variety of Hoop Earrings 

Lightweight hollow production earrings with all size, carat, surface type and designs.

Piercings and Studs

Top qualitized and extraordinary designed belly ring, targus, eyebrown, lip, tongue piercings, labrets,  and nose studs made with solid gold.


® All Rights Reserved by Gogusgold Since 1971

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